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Volume 3, Number 3
November 2003

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Special Issue - Reading and Technology

Feature Articles


Scrolling, Clicking, and Reading English: Online Reading Strategies in a Second/Foreign Language
Neil J. Anderson

Reading Electronically: Challenges and Responses to the Reading Puzzle in Technologically-Enhanced Environments
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith


Interactive Hypertext and the Development of ESL Students' Reading Skills
Loretta F. Kasper

Some students still read books in the 21 st Century: A study of user preferences for print and electronic libraries
Adams Bodomo, Mei-ling Lam, and Carmen Lee


Technology and Second Language Reading at the University Level: Informed Instructors' Perceptions
Cindy Brantmeier

Electronic Reading : Emergence in Online Text
Alice S. Horning


The Effects of the Accelerated Reader Program on the Reading Comprehension of Pupils in Grades Three, Four, and Five
Roger A. Johnson Carol A. Howard

Strategies for reading hypertext by Japanese ESL learners
Masae Konishi


The Relationship between Online Reading Rates and Performance on Proficiency Tests
Nawal Mohamed AbdulRahman Al-Othman

ESL Teachers' Views on Visual Language: A Grounded Theory
Gina Mikel Petrie


Video in Teaching Reading for Business Purposes: Integrated-Skills Approach
Oleg Tarnopolsky and Yulia Degtiariova

Book Reviews

What Teachers Need to Know About Language
Reviewed by Kevin L. Landry

The Skin That We Speak
Mia S. Ross

Software Reviews

The Oregon Trail
Reviewed by Ching-Fen Wu

A Review of EASE (Essential Academic Skills in English)
Nicholas Peachey

Interagindo: Portuguese as a Second Language
Karl W. Fisher

Rosetta stone (Arabic Explorer)
Reviewed by Ibrahim Suliman Ahmed