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Volume 4, Number 3
November 2004

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Special Issue
Generation 1.5 and Academic Language Acquisition

Feature Articles


Academic Writing and Generation 1.5: Pedagogical Goals and Instructional Issues in the College Composition Classroom
Meena Singhal

English Studies and Generation 1.5: Writing Program Administration at the Crossroads
Adrian J. Wurr

Ownership of Texts, Ownership of Language: Two Students’ Participation in a Student-Run Conference
Gail Shuck


Coming to Terms: Generation 1.5 Students in Mainstream Composition
Gwen Gray Schwartz


A Comparison of an International Student and an Immigrant Student: Experiences with Second Language Writing
Jason Stegemoller


The Socio-Cultural Dimension of Academic Literacy Development and the Explicit Teaching of Genres as Community Heuristics
Ana Maria Preto-Bay


Teaching Generation 1.5 Students in Content-Based Reading Courses in a College Adjunct Model: An Ethnographic Case Study
Xu Zhang


Digital Critical Literacy for Generation 1.5 and Everyone Else
Alice S. Horning


Interdisciplinary Curriculum, Teaching and Learning for Generation 1.5 Adolescents in a Pacific Island Classroom
Catherine E. Stoicovy and Lynn Quezada