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Volume 6, Number 3
December 2006

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5th Anniversary Special Issue –
CALL Technologies and the Digital Learner

Special Issue Editor John I. Liontas
SUNY Fredonia

Editorial Assistant Karen E. Capullo
SUNY Fredonia

Research Assistant
Emilie L. Hebdon
SUNY Fredonia

Feature Articles

Notes on the Contributors

CALL Technologies and the Digital Learner: Introduction
John I. Liontas

Salim Razi ArticlePDF  

A Template to Generate Hypertext and Hypermedia Reading Materials: Its Design and Associated Research Findings
Robert Ariew

Hsuying C. Ward ArticlePDF  

Artificial Intelligence and Idiomaticity
John I. Liontas

Charlene Tan ArticlePDF  

The Face-to-Face and the Online Learner: A Comparative Study of Tutorial Support for Open and Distance Language Learning and the Learner Experience with Audio-Graphic SCMC
Fernando Rosell-Aguilar

Shahram Ghahraki and Farzad Sharifian ArticlePDF  

Language Learning in Tandem via SKYPE
Antonella Elia

Alex Poole ArticlePDF  

Designing a Corpus Based English Reading Course for Academic Purposes
Yasemin Kırkgöz

Hee-Jung Jung ArticlePDF  

Theory Driven Technologies: Frameworks for Individual Language Learners
Cindy Brantmeier
Luisa Flores
Gabriela Romero-Ghiretti

Genc and Bada ArticlePDF  

Reading-Oriented Internet-Assisted Teaching of L3 (Spanish) on the Basis of L2 (English)
Oleg Tarnopolsky
Oleg Nesterenko

Joyce Bell ArticlePDF  

CALL Technologies: Survey Responses Concerning University and School Systems’ Responsibilities
Hsuying C. Ward
Rita Mulholland

Mohammad Davoudi ArticlePDF  

Determinants and Effects of English Language Immersion in Taiwanese EFL Learners Engaged in Online Music Study
Robert E. Beasley
Yuangshan Chuang
Chao-chih Liao

Sancoban Curses and Yigiter ArticlePDF  

Do High Schools or Private Institutes Practice Communicative Language Teaching? A Case Study of Shiraz Teachers in High Schools and Institutes
Seyyed Ayatollah Razmjoo
Abdol-Mehdi Riazi

Sancoban Curses and Yigiter ArticlePDF  
Second Language Classroom Reading: A Social Constructivist Approach
Lianrui Yang
Kate Wilson


Reading First: An Alternate Discussion
Nicholas Paley