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Volume 7, Number 1
April 2007

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Feature Articles

Salim Razi ArticlePDF  

The Reading Matrix -  Looking Back, Looking Ahead: A Retrospective Account
John I. Liontas

Salim Razi ArticlePDF  

Reconstructing Practice in Teacher Education Through Artmaking
Peggy J. Anderson and Charles A. Peck

Hsuying C. Ward ArticlePDF  

Reading Strategies Used by Advanced Korean and Chinese ESL Graduate Students: A Case Study
Hee Jin Bang and Cecilia Guanfang Zhao

Charlene Tan ArticlePDF  

Reading Practices: Post-Graduate Thai Student Perceptions
Joyce Bell

Shahram Ghahraki and Farzad Sharifian ArticlePDF  

Defining Literacy and Illiteracy
Alice S. Horning

Alex Poole ArticlePDF  

“When Anyone can Publish Anything” - How to Evaluate Sources According to Textbooks for Different Educational Choices
Anita Norlund

Hee-Jung Jung ArticlePDF  

Monitoring Self-Development as a Teacher: A Comparison of Three Teacher Diary Studies
David McLachlan Jeffrey

Genc and Bada ArticlePDF  

Increasing Reading Input in Japanese High School EFL Classrooms: An Empirical Study Exploring the Efficacy of Extensive Reading
Hiroya Tanaka and Paul Stapleton

Joyce Bell ArticlePDF  

Processing of Advertisements by EFL College Students
Reima Sado Al-Jarf

Mohammad Davoudi ArticlePDF  

An Investigation into the Tense/Aspect Preferences of Turkish Speakers of English and Native English Speakers in Their Oral Narration
Erdogan Bada and Bilal Genc

Sancoban Curses and Yigiter ArticlePDF  

L2 Reading Comprehension Test in the Persian Context: Language of Presentation as a Test Method Facet
Mohammad Rahimi

Sancoban Curses and Yigiter ArticlePDF  

Using Newspaper Articles to Develop Students’ Reading Skills in Senior High School
Eleni Bndaka