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Call for Papers

International Online Conference on
Second and Foreign Language
Teaching and Research

March 2-4, 2007

We welcome submissions in the following areas:

Assessment and Testing Assessment and Testing Intercultural Communication
Adolescent Language Learning Adolescent Language Learning Interdisciplinarity in Applied Linguistics
Adult Language Learning Adult Language Learning Interface between Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Interpreting and Translating
Bilingualism and Multilingualism Bilingualism and Multilingualism IT, Internet, and Language Learning
Child Language and Early Language and Education in Multilingual Settings
Childhood Education Language and Mind

Computational Linguistics

Language and Subcultures
Computer Assisted Language Learning Language Disorders
Contrastive Linguistics and Error Analysis Language for Special Purposes
Corpus Linguistics Language Loss, Attrition and Re-learning
Critical Discourse Analysis Language Planning and Language policy
Curriculum Design Language Teaching Methodology and Teacher Education
Discourse Analysis Language, Gender and Power
English as a Global Language Learner Autonomy in Language Learning
Immersion Education Lexicography and Lexicology
Multimodality Multiple Literacies
Pragmatics Psycholinguistics: Processing

Reading Teaching/Research

Rhetoric and Stylistics
Second Language Acquisition


Web-based teaching/learning Writing Teaching/Research

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Reading Activities

Interacitve Lessons

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