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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online conference? 
An online or virtual conference is a conference which takes place via the Internet. You can read papers, discuss issues and share ideas, just like in an actual conference.

What are the benefits of an online conference
An online conference enables you to read the papers, view presentations and demos and take part in the discussions without having to travel long distances or stay overnight. Online conference costs are also minimal. You can also take time to think about what you want to say before posting a message and you can read papers and view demos even after the conference is over.

Will there be any audio or live presentations?

Yes, the PowerPoint presentations will be accompanied by audio so make sure you computer is set-up for audio as well. We have decided not to have live audio presentations but include live chat discussion with the presenters instead. We want people from around the globe to participate and making the technical requirements too complicated would prevent many from attending and participating. Providing live audio capabilities would slow down the speed, affect the sound quality, and increase cost, in turn increasing the registration fee. Pre-recorded audio presentations and live chat and discussions with presenters allows us to accomplish both clear presentations that will take place without technical glitches and the experience of a real conference.

Do you have the program schedule available?
The final schedule will be posted on the conference web site. Discussion forums will be developed around the interests and expertise among the registered participants. As the activities are firmed up, they will be placed on the web site. Why do I need to register before I can enter the Conference Area? You need to register so that: You can attend the conference, participate and have access to the papers and presentations. We know who is attending the conference. We can remind you when the conference is about to open. We can inform you about future events. Other delegates know who you are when you post a message. What user name and password should I use when I register? You can use whatever user name and password you like which will be done when you register. Please remember that you will need to use these when you login to the site after your first visit so be sure to write this information down. Is there a charge to attend the conference? Yes, there is a fee to attend the conference. Online conference costs include website development, script and software development, and dedicated server hosting costs. Just as in traditional face-to-face conferences, an online conference of this size demands a tremendous amount of effort on the part of staff.  

What if I don't feel comfortable about sending my credit card number over the Internet?
We will try and make other arrangements with you. Contact our registration office by sending email to  

How do I obtain a written receipt of my registration?

Send a request by email to

Will I have to pay the conference fee even if I'm presenting a paper?

Yes, you do need to register.

Why do you publish the papers a week before the discussions?
To give you the chance to read the papers and work out what you want to say about them. Why do you leave the discussions open after the conference has formally closed? To give everyone the chance to continue to talk about the key issues raised during the conference.  What are the conference ground rules? Please take time to read the papers and listen to what other people are saying, respect the views of other people, even if you disagree with them, tell us what you think your views are as valuable as anyone else's, express yourself in plain English, avoiding any unnecessary technical terms or jargon, and keep your contribution short and to the point. Please do not post the same message several times or post it in different discussions, disclose personal information which may leave you vulnerable to abuse, criticize individuals organizations or seek to disparage them, use abusive or offensive language, concentrate on past failures look at positive learning from past experiences and mistakes. Please note that we reserve the right to edit or remove inappropriate messages posted during a conference.

How do I get the most from an online conference?
  • Set aside time to attend. Read the presentations ahead of time because they will be available a week before the conference starts.
  • Make the most of the interactive opportunities during the two conference days.
  • Don't lurk-actively participate and use the chat rooms, discussion forums, discussion boards and show up at the Foyer Cafe.
  • Network this a great way to meet others in the field and others who share common interests.
  • Be open to the positive differences of this relatively new medium.
  • Don't expect the online conference to be exactly like a face-to-face conference. Discover the strengths of this virtual medium--the differences that are advantages.
  • Have fun: Explore. Discover. Experience. Learn. Teach.
What happens after the conference closes?
Although most conferences officially close on the same day they open, we keep all sections of each conference open for a minimum of three months after the event. This means you can continue to read the papers, view the online presentations, and post messages. Who should I contact for additional information? If you require further information about the conference, please contact us at: Who runs the conference? The Reading Matrix Inc. started this conference and will continue to host it in the years to come. We invite your participation and look forward to your ideas and contributions.

How can my company participate as a vendor or a sponsor for this conference?
We welcome participation by vendors and organizations that provide hardware, software, services, and support for all our esteemed colleagues. Contact for further inquiries.



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