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  1. Research on the Use of CD is Supplementing Mandarin Learning: Does it Really Help in Mandarin Teaching and Learning? - Goh Yingsoon
  2. Generation 1.5 Students and ESL - Meena Singhal
  3. Language Teaching Competency - Saleh Sanatifar
  4. Online Strategic Reading Comprehension Course for University Students - Raquel Garcia Jurado
  5. Investigating In-service Teachers' Perceptions and Needs Concerning African American Vernacular English (AAVE) with respect to Reading - Abha Gupta
  6. Teaching Academic Writing in English to Tertiary Students in Ukraine - Oleg Tarnopolsky and Svitlana Kozhushko
  7. Cultural Issues in Online Collaborative Learning in EFL - Reima Al-Jarf
  8. Online Dialog Among EFL College Faculty in Saudi Arabia and Korea - Reima Al-Jarf
  9. What can Multicultural Literature do for the EFL Classroom? – Raul Ruiz Cecilia
  10. Communicative Written Exams for Traditional Testing Settings - JoAnn Miller
  11. Visual Therapy: Helping Learnes Who Have Trouble Learning - Robin Evers
  12. Content Innovation in EFL Teacher Education: Understanding Gender through an Anthropological Perspective - Juan Ramon Guijarro Ojeda
  13. "It's Like Our Stories You Know…": Peer-Oriented(ness) of Learner Actvitiy - Serpil Sonmez
  14. Developing Reading Fluency and Comprehension Using Repeated Reading : Evidence from Longitudinal Student Reports - Greta Gorsuch
  15. An Overview of the Studies on the Use of Authentic Texts in Language Classrooms - Serpil Sonmez
  16. English L2 Reading : Making Inferences - Stephen J. Davies
  17. Making Games Cooperative - George Jacobs
  18. Ten Guidelines for Second Language Teacher Education Workshops - George Jacobs
  19. A Contrastive Analysis of Pro-form Substitutions in English and Persian with Reference to Translation Practice - Saleh Sanatifar
  20. Using Multimedia Weblogs in the ESL Classroom - Beth Ernst, Julie Adler, and Charles Schroen
  21. Universal Constraints for Translation - Eriko Sato and Leslie Cloper
  22. Expanding Test Specifications with Rhetorical Genre Studies and Activity Theory Analyses - Lauren Kennedy
  23. An Approach to Rhetoric of Film in the Classroom - Teresa Fernandez Ulloa
  24. Multiple Qualitative Data Analyses on “Computer Means My Life” - Huihong Bao
  25. A Struggling Learner: An Autoethnographic Approach- Huihong Bao
  26. On the Discursive Interactions in a Language Class: Multilingual Humor - Giampaolo Poletto
  27. Reading Strategies and EFL Context Comprehension Pedagogy - Eissa.H.Al Khotaba
  28. Promoting Bilingualism with Technology: Web-Page Based Coolpix Videos! - David Ockert
  29. An Evaluation of Three Vocabulary Books used in China and Abroad - Meilin Chen
  30. September 11, 2001: Approaching this Topic in an Intermediate Listening and Speaking Class Dominated by Arabic speakers - Colin Robinson
  31. Content-rich Authentic Speech: Practical Classroom Uses - Stephen Jennings
  32. Improving Online Reading Level Assessment and Accessibility for Learning 80 Major Languages - John Paul Loucky
  33. Using Modern Technology to Enhance Language Learning - Gayleen Mackereth
  34. Optimizing "Know How " and "How Know" In Complimentary ESP Training Courses : A Reanalysis of ESP Practices in Iran - Parviz Perez Talebzadeh
  35. Generic Software for Foreign Language Instruction: A Snapshot of Teachers' Approaches - Jessamine Cooke-Plagwitz
  36. Analysis of Free and Paid Pedagogical Websites: Trying to Understand a System of Genres - Susana Cristina dos Reis
  37. Learning English for Specific Purposes Through e-Learning Platforms - Inmaculada Gomez, Mercedes Rico and Emilio Hernandez
  38. Task Type and Form-Focused Talk in Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication - Yucel Yilmaz and Gisela Granena
  39. Systematic Online Study of Frequency List Vocabulary - John Spiri
  40. Art in Foreign Language Literacy - Myrnelle Gregory-Bryan
  41. Is English Dominant in Turkish Language and Culture?: Mersin University Case - Emsal Ates Ozdemir
  42. Adaptive Computer Games for Second Language Learning at early Childhood - J. Enrique Agudo, Hector Sanchez, J. Manuel Holguin and David Tello
  43. Interacting and Collaborating Online: Using a Virtual Learning Environment to Foster Student Language Learning - Ursula Stickler, Regine Hampel, and Peter Scott
  44. The Fax Tutorial: An Evaluation of Effectiveness - Carrie Aldrich
  45. Chinese Students' Motivational Thinking about English Learning at an American University - Miao Yu
  46. Nature of Questions in a Literature Course in Turkish EFL Setting - Dogan Yuksel
  47. A Constructive Approach of a Heritage Learner to Acquire Near-Native Proficiency - Sylvia D. Clark and Judit Hajnal Ward
  48. Multi-Factorial Analysis in the Design of L2 Multimedia Tasks for Primary School Children - Mercedes Rico, Alejandro Curado, and Patricia Edwards
  49. Corrective Feedback Patterns Among Dyads Within an Online Synchronous Environment - Annmarie Gorenc Zoran
  50. Persistence and Retention of ESL Students at the Community College Level - Sudeepa Gulati







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