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Demonstration of Online Presentation



This is what the conference timetable will look like. You will see the presentations within the Conference Timetable. The ones with audio have an audio icon. Please note that the chat session times are in U.S. Pacific Time (Los Angeles) so you will have to determine what time it is in your part of the world. Consult The World Time Server.


Online Conference



Once you access the Conference Timetable, you can decide which presentation to attend. Concurrent sessions are listed on the timetable. The right hand column will display the names of the presenter(s) and attendees in that particular room. Once you login and enter a presentation room, your name is recognized. From this page, everyone can access the PowerPoint presentation, any articles or handouts if available, and the abstract of the presentation. The “Exit” button takes you back to the Conference Timetable. You can type your message or question in the chat area press the “Send” button. This will allow you to engage in a live chat discussion with the presenter(s).



Online Conference



This is what the presentation will look like. Several presentations are accompanied by audio. All participants will have access to the conference site a week before the live chat sessions. We will be formatting presentations so that you can proceed at your own pace while viewing the presentations. We have decided to do this so that you can maximize the time spent with each presenter on the day of the presentations.



Online Conference

Each presentation will include an abstract and the author(s) bio(s).

Online Conference



In addition to the PowerPoint presentation, authors may wish to submit an article or additional handouts. We will include these if they are provided by the author. If you have submitted a proposal for a poster session, your information will be available in the same way. Articles will be published in the online proceedings.




Online Demo Presentation - Click here to view a video presentation of how this online conference works.








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