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Please read the Technical Requirements and FAQ section to make sure you have the required software to fully participate in the conference.

If you are experiencing difficulties during the conference or if you have questions, please contact

Connection and Firewall Problems
Even if you have a high-speed connection, there can often be congestion on the Internet that would slow or even stop page downloads.

However, if after several attempts to Join or Start a Conference, you are unable to progress through the Online Conference, there may be a conflict with your network services. In rare cases, some users experience connectivity problems associated with proxy servers, company and personal firewalls.

If connection problems persist, especially if you are a first time user, contact your network administrator or Internet service provider.

Pop-Up Blockers
Some content on this site is presented in daughter windows, commonly referred to as "pop-up windows." Even though this content is intended as purely instructional and is conference related, some pop-up blockers will block these pages. If you have a pop-up blocker installed on your system and are unable to do the following tasks, you will need to change the settings of your pop-up blocker software.

If your pop-up blocker does not have the options above, you may need to disable the pop-up blocker entirely.

Still Having Problems?
If you are having technical difficulties progressing through the Online Conference, please check your Internet connection and try again. If this problem persists, contact our technical staff at















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