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Technical Requirements

What kind of computer will I need to participate?
You will need a PC and a system that allows for email and web browsing. We believe you already have that capability. However, the more powerful your system, the better, especially for web-based activities that involve graphics. You will also need a computer that allows you to access audio segments. In addition, you will need a Java enabled web browser to participate in our chats. Additional software requirements can be found here. Consult with your local computer support staff if you aren't sure about the requirements. Technical support questions can be sent to

What specifically do I need?
To fully participate in the conference you will need the latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer. To hear the PowerPoint presentations, which contain audio, you will also need computer speakers. Make sure they have been turned on and your volume is set to an appropriate level. You also need Java, Macromedia Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat and Internet Explorer. Presenters are required to submit a PowerPoint Presentation with audio. That means you need a microphone to record your voice to accompany the PowerPoint slides. In addition to this, you may also wish to submit a paper (which is optional). Please check the Presenter's Guide for further details.

Why have a "virtual" conference instead of a "real" one?
Virtual conferences will become a viable alternative to their traditional, face-to-face conferences in the coming years, and this conference is helping to establish this trend. Participants will gain valuable information and will also develop skills required to participate in and get the most out of virtual conferences. It allows faculty around the world to gain access to experts and colleagues and dialog about the latest issues in second and foreign language education and research.

Is something wrong with your server? Sometimes I get in right away. Sometimes it won't let me in.
There are times when the traffic to specific sites is increased. This will produce an error message that says, “a connection failure has occurred”. Please be patient and return to the site after a few minutes.

I can't hear the audio segments of the presentation. What do I need to do?
Please check the Conference Timetable for the title of this specific presentation to make sure it is accompanied by audio. If it is, click "Refresh" on your screen. Often this is the problem. Sometimes doing this reloads the presentation and you will then be able to hear it. Also make sure that your speakers are on and the volume has been turned up.

 My computer loads the conference pages very slowly.
This might not have anything to do with the conference website. It could be that your Internet connection is slow, that you are running an earlier version of a web browser, or that you have low memory on your machine. Download a more recent version of your browser.

For technical support before or during the conference, contact

If you have any other questions, consult our FAQ section or email us.















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