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Volume 1, Number 1
April 2001

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Feature Articles

Extensive Reading: Speed and Comprehension
Timothy Bell

That's all Greek to me!
The Comprehension and Interpretation of Modern Greek Phrasal Idioms
John I. Liontas

Reading Proficiency, Reading Strategies, Metacognitive Awareness and L2 Readers
Meena Singhal



Language, Power and Consciousness: A Writing Experiment at the University of Toronto
Guy Allen
Reviewed by Yuko Hirodo


Book Reviews

Making Connections: An Interactive Approach to Academic Reading
Kenneth J. Pakenham
Reviewed by Julia Gousseva-Goodwin

Strategies in Learning and Using a Second Language
Andrew D. Cohen
Reviewed by Ronald Gray

Writing Clearly: An Editing Guide
Janet Lane & Ellen Lange

Reviewed by Sachie Karasawa

¡De viva voz!: Intermediate Conversation and Grammar Review
Michael D. Thomas
Reviewed by Gregory D. Keating


Software Reviews

Macromedia CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver 4.0
Reviewed by Walid Sabbagh



In the Wild West: Suggestions for a Text-Based CALL Lesson
Rolf Palmberg