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Volume 5, Number 1
April 2005

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Feature Articles

Salim Razi ArticlePDF  
A Fresh Look at the Evaluation of Ordering Tasks in Reading Comprehension: Weighted Marking Protocol
Salim Razi

Hsuying C. Ward ArticlePDF  
The Use of Language Experiences in Teaching Reading to Students with Severe Learning Disabilities
Hsuying C. Ward

Charlene Tan ArticlePDF  
How Culturally Appropriate is the Communicative Approach for Primary School Children in Singapore?
Charlene Tan

Shahram Ghahraki and Farzad Sharifian ArticlePDF  

The Relationship Between Overall Reading Comprehension and Determination of Fact/Opinion in L2
Shahram Ghahraki and Farzad Sharifian

Alex Poole ArticlePDF  
Focus on Form Instruction: Foundations, Applications, and Criticisms
Alex Poole

Hee-Jung Jung ArticlePDF  
Advantages and Disadvantages from Opportunities in CALL Classroom Environments
Hee-Jung Jung

Genc and Bada ArticlePDF  
Culture in Language Learning and Teaching
Bilal Genc and Erdogan Bada

Joyce Bell ArticlePDF  
Cultural Shifts: A Longitudinal Study of the Changing Reading Practices of Thai Graduate Students at an Australian University
Joyce Bell

Mohammad Davoudi ArticlePDF  
Inference Generation Skill and Text Comprehension
Mohammad Davoudi

Sancoban Curses and Yigiter ArticlePDF  
Reading Strategies Employed by ELT Learners at the Advanced Level
Kemalettin Yiğiter, Arif Sarıçoban and Tuba Gürses