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Volume 6, Number 1
April 2006

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Feature Articles

Salim Razi ArticlePDF  
The Effects of Language Assessment and L2 Reading Performance on Advanced Readers’ Recall
Cindy Brantmeier

Hsuying C. Ward ArticlePDF  
Style and Meaning in Igbo English Novels
Herbert Igboanusi

Charlene Tan ArticlePDF  
Teaching Young Learners Through Stories: The Development of a Handy Parallel Syllabus
Nitinou Loukia

Shahram Ghahraki and Farzad Sharifian ArticlePDF  
The Effects of Print Access and Print Exposure on English Vocabulary Acquisition of Language Minority Students
Jeff McQuillan

Alex Poole ArticlePDF  
Building Automaticity of Word Recognition for Less Proficient Readers
Stuart David Warrington

Hee-Jung Jung ArticlePDF  
Passage Dependency of Reading Comprehension Items in the GEPT and TOEFL
Shiauping Tian

Genc and Bada ArticlePDF  
Extensive Reading through the Internet: Is it Worth the While?
Juan Pino-Silva 

Joyce Bell ArticlePDF  
Turning to Orwell to Understand Orwell’s Problem: A Sociolinguistic View
Pedro Luis Luchini and Adolfo Martín García

Mohammad Davoudi ArticlePDF  
Everyone’s a Critic: Introducing Figurative Language With Popular Culture
Lori Elene Fredricks

Sancoban Curses and Yigiter ArticlePDF  
Tell Me What You Know: Preservice Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Teaching Comprehension
Joan Leikam Theurer and Karen A. Onofrey

Sancoban Curses and Yigiter ArticlePDF  
The Role of Explicit Contrastive Instruction in Learning Difficult L2 Grammatical Forms: A Cross-Linguistic Approach to Language Awareness
Zargham Ghabanchi & Marjan Vosooghi