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Volume 7, Number 3
December 2007

Feature Articles

Salim Razi ArticlePDF  

The Effect Of A Formal Instruction Context On The Lexico-Grammatical Development Of Advanced Learners Of L3 English
Maria Juan Garau, José Igor Prieto Arranz, and Joana Salazar Noguera

Hsuying C. Ward ArticlePDF  

Enhancing Autonomous L2 Vocabulary Learning Focusing On The Development Of Word-Level Processing Skills
Etsuko Toyoda

Hsuying C. Ward ArticlePDF  

Multiple Ways Of Knowing: A Theoretical Framework For Drama And Literacy In A Contemporary Curriculum
Neva Cramer, Evan T. Ortlieb, and Earl H. Cheek, Jr.

Charlene Tan ArticlePDF  

Research And Theory Driven Insights: Ten Suggestions For L2 Reading Instruction
Gabriela Romero-Ghiretti, Violaine White, Bartell Berg, Rubén Domínguez Quintana, Brandan L. Grayson, and Miaowei Weng

Shahram Ghahraki and Farzad Sharifian ArticlePDF  

Cognitive And Metacognitive Reading Strategies Revisited: Implications For Instruction
Lisa Jean Lawrence

Alex Poole ArticlePDF  

The Social Construction Of Literacy By Malaysian Chinese Parents: Perceptions Of Parents Toward The Language And Literacy Practices Of  Two Teenage Children
Koo Yew Lie and Soo Hoo Pin Lick

Hee-Jung Jung ArticlePDF  

Vocabulary, Proficiency And Reading Comprehension
Maryam Golkar and Mortaza Yamini

Genc and Bada ArticlePDF  

Understanding The Divergent Influences Of Reading Activities On The Comprehension Of Short Stories
İsmail Hakkı Erten and Müge Karakas                

Genc and Bada ArticlePDF  

Enhancing Reading Comprehension Through Task-Based Writing Activities: An Experimental Study
Filiz Yalcin Tilfarlioglu and Suleyman Basaran

Genc and Bada ArticlePDF  

Reading Coaches As An In-Class Professional Development Model
Marcia V. Bolton        

Genc and Bada ArticlePDF  

Literacies In And Out Of School: A Survey Of U.S. Youth
David W. Moore, Kathleen A. Hinchman

Genc and Bada ArticlePDF  

The Accelerated Reader Program’s Relationship To Student Achievement On The English-Language Arts California Standards Test
Steve Rodriguez

Book Reviews

Closing the Literacy Gap
Reviewed by Radha M.K  Nambiar

50 Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners
Reviewed by Evan T. Ortlieb